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What happens to pension plans in a California divorce?

Divorce proceedings are complex enough, but even more so when you figure in high assets. Perhaps the highest asset in these cases is the pension plan. Its value and regulations make it the most complicated aspect of divorce.

Although your attorney will handle the division of your pension plan, it is still wise to understand how divorce will affect your retirement so you can prepare accordingly.

Does your child's other parent want to relocate?

When parents choose to raise a child separately, the process and parameters of the co-parenting relationship often evolve over time. In many cases, one parent may have reason to relocate some distance away from the other parent that fundamentally changes the nature of parenting between them.

If you and your child's other parent face difficult relocation conflicts, it is wise to prioritize this issue and let an attorney help you better understand your own goals and options. In some cases, you may find your parental rights are at greater risk than you realize.

What makes a prenup valid in California?

It's an oft-cited fact that roughly half of all marriages end in divorce. There's nothing wrong with acknowledging that reality - and preparing for its possibility - by utilizing a prenuptial agreement. In fact, prenups can set the stage for a stronger relationship by encouraging honesty, full disclosure, thoughtful planning and an awareness of what's at stake.

However, not all prenups are created equal. A sloppily drafted or procedurally inadequate agreement could fall apart when you try to enforce it. The last thing you need when your marriage is crumbling is for the prenup to crumble, too.

How will you divide your business in divorce?

Over the years, you and your spouse chased after dreams of creating your own business. That dream may have become reality, but now you aren’t sure how your divorce will affect the company.

California is a community property state, meaning that a judge will equally divide any assets you acquired during marriage, including starting or growing your business. However, this does not automatically mean that you have to sell the business if you don’t want to.


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