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Pros and cons of an adult conservatorship in California

In some instances, legal adults lose or never achieve the ability to care for themselves sufficiently. That leads those who love them to consider an adult guardianship, which is called a conservatorship in California. This form of protection for a person with limited abilities for self care comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, all of which deserve careful consideration before pursuing conservatorship for an individual in need.

Protect your rights as a grandparent

If your grandchildren's parents face difficulty in their relationship, it may seriously affect your ability to visit with the grandchildren and act as a positive influence in their lives. Often, it is wise to consider the legal options you have available to protect your custody rights as a grandparent. While grandparents' rights are not often a priority in family court, by taking steps to protect your rights now, you may have more options to protect the ones you love in the future.

Asking someone to be your child’s legal guardian

As you grow your family and begin to add children, it is important to think about who you might ask to serve a s legal guardian for your children if you and your spouse are no longer in the picture at some point in the future.


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