Child And Spousal Support

Child support may also be referred to as child maintenance, and it establishes a payment that a noncustodial parent will make as a contribution to the costs of raising his or her child. Child support must be paid until the child turns 18, unless the child has not graduated from high school, in which case the child support continues until the child has graduated high school or becomes 19, whichever occurs first. mother and child

To calculate the minimum amount of child support to be paid by a parent, the law directs the judge to first add up the total net monthly incomes of both parents. Then, the judge has to compute the percentage of that income that is being earned by the noncustodial parent. Then that percentage is multiplied by the applicable level of welfare payments for the number of children in the household. The result of this calculation is the minimum child support. It should be understood that in the vast majority of cases, the court orders child support above the minimum level, as determined by local support guidelines. The Law Offices of Indu Srivastav, APLC, has not only represented the obligee and the obligor parent in current child support cases but also successfully represented clients to collect past-due child support arrears.

DCSS-Enforced Child Support

The Department of Child Support Services, or DCSS, is a government organization that assists families in the establishment and enforcement of child support and medical support in an equitable and timely manner. More specifically, DCSS will provide free services to locate a parent; establish paternity; establish, modify or enforce court-ordered child support; and establish, modify or enforce an order for health insurance coverage.

DCSS does not represent either the custodial parent or the noncustodial parent — DCSS represents the interests of the minor child. Thus, it is important that you have representation in child support cases where DCSS is involved. It does not matter if you are the parent receiving child support or the parent paying child support; having an attorney to represent you is always beneficial to your case.

Spousal Support

Also referred to as alimony, spousal support is a payment for support of an ex-spouse as ordered by a court. This is based on the premise that both spouses have an obligation to support each other throughout the marriage or civil union, unless legally separated. The court will set the duration and amount of support in accordance with California Family Code 4320, as based on factors such as: the earning potential of each spouse, the established standard of living during the marriage, the length of the marriage, the age and health of both spouses, and what would be required to help the supported party to become self-supporting.

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