The guardianship of an individual refers to a legal relationship created when an individual or institution, named in a will, is assigned by a court to take care of a minor child or an incompetent adult. These matters call for mature, knowledgeable legal counsel. happy fmaily

Navigating The Challenges Of Guardianship

The Law Offices of Indu Srivastav, APLC, provides advice and representation in California guardianship matters. Attorney Indu Srivastav, certified as a family law specialist by the California Board of Legal Specialization, understands the complexities and emotional challenges that some guardianship cases present. She possesses the knowledge and experience to help with cases involving:

  • Guardianship of a person or an estate: An adult can be granted legal guardianship over a person, an estate or both a person and an estate. There are many different reasons one can have for pursuing guardianship, but all should ultimately be rooted in a genuine interest in having someone to watch over, protect and maintain a person or estate.
  • Guardianship of a child whose parents are deceased or absent: In these cases, which can involve an estate that is left to a minor, a guardian can be appointed to look over both the child and the estate. The guardian is usually responsible for the upbringing of the child and for withdrawing regular payments from the estate for the care and upbringing of the child.
  • Guardianship involving difficult family circumstances: Guardianship in some cases can involve allegations of substance abuse or addiction, incarceration, improper care or domestic violence involving parents or legal guardians. Ms. Srivastav understands that each guardianship case is different. She provides each of her clients with personalized attention essential to developing a clear strategy and optimal course of action. If you need the advice of a lawyer, she can offer guidance regarding how to file guardianship petitions, to address contested petitions and to litigate matters when necessary.

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