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Prenuptial agreements can protect future businesses

People who have an ownership stake in an established business when they get married typically are advised to get a prenuptial agreement to protect their share of the business should they divorce. However, even if your business idea is still a dream, you should protect it with a prenup.

As one family law attorney notes, "Maybe you have no money, but you have a lot of potential down the road. That is something you cannot protect without a prenuptial agreement." However, as she explains, that can be "tricky" because you can't put a value on something that doesn't exist yet.

How an alcohol monitoring system can help you gain custody rights

It's common for alcohol abuse to lead to marital issues and to ultimately end a marriage. If a couple with children is divorcing, a spouse's alcohol consumption can cause issues for them in gaining custody or visitation rights to their children.

Even if a parent has gotten sober, it's only natural for their co-parent to have concerns for their kids' safety when they're alone with that parent. Judges and social workers may share those concerns.

Pratt, Faris reportedly finalizing their divorce outside of court

Not all celebrity divorces end up in ugly, drawn-out court battles, even when there are considerable assets to be divided. Particularly when there are children involved, many famous couples, like most regular folks, just want to end the marriage and move on with their lives.

Actors Anna Faris and Chris Pratt seem to fall into that category. The famous couple announced their separation last year -- eight years after they tied the knot. Last December, they filed identical divorce papers. Both cited the reason for the break-up as irreconcilable differences.

Pets now legally considered more than “property” in divorce

It seems as though California should have been at the forefront of recognizing pets as the beloved family members they are for most of us when decisions have to be made about their fate in divorces. However, we're finally catching up to Alaska in how family law views them.

Gov. Jerry Brown recently signed a law that recognizes pets as more than "property" to be divided like art collections, furniture and stock options. Judges now have legal permission to consider their well-being, needs and which of their humans they're most closely bonded with when asked to determine who will be allowed to keep them or how their care will be shared.

Stars' split a reminder of what California divorces entail

Actors Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have finalized their divorce in Southern California, three years after separating. While most of us don't have their kind of household income – two movie star salaries, after all – the limited details we know about their divorce do provide a blueprint for high-asset divorces in California.

Garner and Affleck married in June 2005 and separated just after their 10th anniversary. They have three children together, and combined, they have an estimated wealth of $190 million -- $130 million for Affleck and $60 million for Garner.

3 tips for helping your teenager through your divorce

Being an adolescent comes with a lot of challenges. Your teenage child is experiencing a lot of physical and mental changes that may be difficult for him or her to manage. When you and your spouse end your marriage, this adds another struggle for your teen.

Your teenager may feel like his or her identity and world are falling apart. Helping your child cope with your divorce is crucial to help him or her transition into a healthy adult. Here are some guidelines for helping your teenager while you and your spouse divorce.

Study claims that more money leads to more divorces

You have likely heard people say that money leads to divorce more often than anything else. You probably assumed it was a lack of money that did it. One spouse has a gambling addiction, puts the family into bankruptcy and the other spouse leaves. That sort of thing.

Obviously, that does happen. However, a new study says that economic growth actually leads to a higher divorce rate, and the implication is that those with more money tend to split up more often.

What constitutes interference with parenting time?

Child custody and support are two of the most challenging aspects of divorcing with children. In the best case scenario, parents work together to come up with an agreement that meets the needs of everyone -- particularly the children. Once they reach an agreement, parents often feel a significant amount of relief. However, in some cases, child custody and support problems continue to occur.

Child custody can be particularly challenging. What looks and sounds good on paper may be difficult to follow through on in reality. Scheduling conflicts arise for many divorced parents in California. Often, the two parents work through the situation until they find a solution. In some cases, this may involve working with a lawyer to change a child custody order.

Can husbands receive spousal support in California?

It is safe to say that most men in today's world still cringe at the thought of receiving spousal support when getting a divorce. Historically, men are breadwinners and should never accept help from their former wives. Fortunately, this antiquated point of view is slowly undergoing a transformation. More men residing in California are willing to consider asking for alimony.

The real purpose of alimony or spousal support is to ease the financial effects of divorce for the spouse who earns the lowest wage. Because it is not gender-specific, any spouse that qualifies can receive alimony, and that includes husbands as well as wives.

Are guardianships and conservatorships the same thing?

Unless you are employed in the legal field or have been involved in a legal action, much of the terminology is confusing. This is especially so in the family law field, which introduces residents to many previously unheard of legal terms. Two of these terms – guardianships and conservatorships – can arise within the family law area of practice in the state of California.

To help you determine how one or both of these legal terms may apply in your family law situation, the following sections contain basic information about guardianships and conservatorships. Learning about these terms helps you identify what kind of service you need from an attorney and it helps you prepare for any consultations between you and your lawyer.


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