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December 2017 Archives

Fairly dividing equity during your divorce

When a couple who owns a home divorces, they face the difficult decision of what to do with the home itself. In many cases, a couple will sell their home to get out from under the mortgage and make a clean break. Alternatively, one spouse may want to keep the home even though both spouses can claim a portion of its value.

Should I continue to run a business with my ex-spouse?

If you face divorce while both you and your spouse own an interest in a business, you may worry that you have no option but to sell the business and start over after the dust settles. Truthfully, this is an approach that many business owners choose, depending on the size and complexity of the business and the others effects, such as employees or vendors.

The gig economy and complications to child custody

The realities of compelling a parent with child support duties to actually pay that support in full and on time can get rather frustrating, especially when a parent who needs support sees another parent actively avoiding paying child support. While it is illegal to let one's child support obligations go unpaid, some sources of income make it easier for those who wish to keep more of their earnings instead of supporting their child.

Does your child's other parent want to relocate?

When parents choose to raise a child separately, the process and parameters of the co-parenting relationship often evolve over time. In many cases, one parent may have reason to relocate some distance away from the other parent that fundamentally changes the nature of parenting between them.

What makes a prenup valid in California?

It's an oft-cited fact that roughly half of all marriages end in divorce. There's nothing wrong with acknowledging that reality - and preparing for its possibility - by utilizing a prenuptial agreement. In fact, prenups can set the stage for a stronger relationship by encouraging honesty, full disclosure, thoughtful planning and an awareness of what's at stake.


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