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The gig economy and complications to child custody

The realities of compelling a parent with child support duties to actually pay that support in full and on time can get rather frustrating, especially when a parent who needs support sees another parent actively avoiding paying child support. While it is illegal to let one's child support obligations go unpaid, some sources of income make it easier for those who wish to keep more of their earnings instead of supporting their child.

One of the biggest issues facing child support enforcement right now is the developing gig economy, where individuals perform tasks for many individuals to earn a living, rather than working for a single employer. Part of the issue at hand is that many of the companies who provide the framework for this kind of work, such as Uber or Taskrabbit, posture themselves as something other than employers of the people who use their platforms to find work and get paid.

Most gig economy platforms allow individuals to earn money while operating as independent contractors in the legal sense. While this is not illegal in many instances, it does complicate matters for those who might wish to garnish wages in order to receive the child support they deserve. Several agencies have the power to take child support out of a parent's wages, but this depends on the agencies' knowledge of the income and the cooperation of the employer providing it.

If you believe that your child's other parent is keeping child support from you that your child rightfully deserves, then you should consult with an attorney. You and your child deserve to receive the support you need, and professional legal counsel can help you assess your options and develop strong legal strategies to get your child support back on track. Don't wait to seek out the help you need to protect and provide for the child you love.

Source: HuffPost, "Gig Economy Gives Child Support Scofflaws A Place To Hide," Jen Fifield, Dec. 01, 2017

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