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Making it through the year when your marriage is falling apart

You made it through the holidays, but now you may be wondering how you will get through 2018 as your marriage is falling apart. This is the time of year when wedding planning season starts kicking into gear. Not helpful.

Whether your divorce is already underway or you know it is coming soon, do not fall into the belief that this is the end of your family or your happiness. Here are some tips to help you get through this spring despite divorce process.

  • Pick up a former passion: If you had a favorite hobby that your spouse didn’t like, maybe it’s time to take it up again. Whether your passion was wine tasting, hunting, writing or something else, returning to an enjoyable pastime can be a great coping tool.
  • Focus on giving: Giving back to your community can help you focus on others’ needs rather than your own. Spreading joy to those around you can help warm your heart during this tough time. Celebrate your friends’ accomplishments (even if they are weddings), and make sure the special people in your life know you love them. 
  • Be creative: While keeping the same patterns to your day can help you, use this time of change as an opportunity to try new things. Try a new hairstyle. Update your wardrobe. Start running. Take a weekend or daytrip with some close friends or family members to visit someplace you’ve never been. Create an informal scavenger hunt with the kids at the museum, art gallery or zoo.
  • Keep it simple: While working your way through the divorce process, you may have less money and may be living in a smaller place. If you like to entertain but no longer want a big or extravagant event, invite friends you don’t see too often over for dinner. Have each of them bring food or drink to share so you don’t have to do all the cooking.

Don’t face this difficult time on your own

Although you may feel like withdrawing from family and friends for a bit, you can still reach out for support and assistance from others, such as a therapist, legal professional, clergy or a support group.

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