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Prenuptial agreements are not just for the rich

Every couple who chooses to get married should at least consider a prenuptial agreement, for their own sakes and for the sake of their marriage. While many couples still think of prenuptial agreements as something for those remarrying or dealing with significant resources (and they certainly are), the protections that a prenuptial agreement offers may prove invaluable to any couple, no matter who young they are or how few resources they currently possess.

One of the most important parts of any marriage is intentionally looking into the future and planning ways to love and protect each other. Prenuptial agreements offer opportunities to achieve both. For instance, even if neither spouse has many belongings or assets, things may not stay that way forever, especially if one of the spouses may open a business or create some work of art that holds great personal value to them.

Prenuptial agreements are not only a way to protect oneself, they are also tools for protecting the other party. Part of the beauty of prenuptial agreements is that a couple can use one to give each other gifts and fair terms in the event of divorce while the relationship is healthy and generous.

Similarly, a prenuptial agreement is an excellent way to tell a future spouse, "Seeing you healthy and happy is more important to me than a particular asset." Sowing seeds of generosity and protection at the beginning of a marriage can help set the tone of the relationship and keep things bearable when they inevitably grow difficult.

if you plan to get married soon, you can consult with an experienced attorney to help you assess your needs and build a prenuptial agreement that reflects your relationship's values and keep both parties protected.

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