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March 2018 Archives

Standards of living and their effect on alimony

The process of moving on from divorce can prove particularly difficult, especially if you are not the primary income provider in your marriage. To address this frequent difficulty, and the prospect of transitioning into life as a single person with all the increase in expense that may bring, courts often award some form of alimony. Alimony awards intend to alleviate the financial pressures of divorce on a spouse who does not have the resources to provide for him or herself, or as a measure of compensation to a spouse who sacrificed personal enrichment for the sake of a marriage.

Challenges arise when co-parents' parenting styles vary

When two parents divorce, their marriage ends but their roles as parents do not. They will continue to be Mom or Dad, and they will still be responsible for making sure their child is safe, healthy and happy.

What are the risks of filing uncontested divorce?

For many couples, the desire to end a marriage quickly and simply clouds their judgment and leads them to a problematic resolution of their marriage that does not fully protect them or serve either party's interests particularly well. Uncontested divorce, in which both parties agree to a streamlined process and minimal negotiations around property division and any parenting or custody terms, is simply not a good fit for all couples, even if they want it to be.

3 mistakes to avoid during a child custody dispute

If you are getting a divorce and are unable to work out a parenting plan with your ex, you may find yourself pursuing a child custody order from the court. Dealing with child custody matters through the court may be difficult and confusing at times, meaning mistakes are sometimes easy to make.

Pros and cons of an adult conservatorship in California

In some instances, legal adults lose or never achieve the ability to care for themselves sufficiently. That leads those who love them to consider an adult guardianship, which is called a conservatorship in California. This form of protection for a person with limited abilities for self care comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, all of which deserve careful consideration before pursuing conservatorship for an individual in need.

Is inheritance always separate property in divorce?

A whole host of legal protections usually designate the inheritance of one spouse as his or her individual property, but depending on when the inheritance gift occurs and the choices that the receiving spouse makes surrounding how to store and use the assets of an inheritance, it is not always simple to determine what is and is not inheritance at all.

Alimony tax changes may complicate divorce

Alimony laws have varied from state to state for years, making it necessary for couples considering divorce to look into the applicable laws in their state to understand how to fairly address the issue of spousal support. Depending on the nature of the divorce and the laws of the state where a divorce took place, the terms of alimony varied significantly from one couple to the next, but once fair terms were reached, paying spouse's could take some comfort in the tax breaks associated with paying support.


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