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3 mistakes to avoid during a child custody dispute

If you are getting a divorce and are unable to work out a parenting plan with your ex, you may find yourself pursuing a child custody order from the court. Dealing with child custody matters through the court may be difficult and confusing at times, meaning mistakes are sometimes easy to make.

Any missteps you make may have a significant impact on the decision of the judge. Here are a few errors you should avoid while figuring out your custody issues.

1. Not following a court order

When you file for divorce or ask for a custody order, the court may issue a temporary order. This order may determine time-sharing and decision-making responsibilities of each parent. You may not love everything that is in a temporary order, but you should strictly adhere to it. The family law judge will not look favorably upon you if you disobey what the court wants you to do.

2. Being careless on social media

You may turn to your social media profiles to vent your frustrations or seek support from friends during a custody dispute. Be mindful of everything you post. You may want to share pictures of you having fun at a party, but if it looks like you are drinking alcohol or using drugs, it might negatively impact the outcome of the custody proceedings. You should also never denigrate your ex, the judge or the other attorney.

3. Breaking the law

You will want to be on your best behavior throughout the entire divorce process. An arrest during the custody battle could seriously damage your credibility. This can be one of the most surefire ways to ruin your chances of maintaining or getting custody.

The best thing for you to do generally is be reasonable and cooperative as you seek a custody decision. You often will have better chances of getting custody if you conduct yourself in a respectable manner.

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