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April 2018 Archives

New study shows increased likelihood for divorce

A new study from Swedish researchers has found an increased likelihood for divorce in women who did not work when they got married or earned less than their husband and then saw their career skyrocket. The study discovered that the couples adhering to traditional gender roles early in the marriage were more likely to wind up divorced compared to couples in an equal relationship when it comes to gender roles.

Can a collaborative divorce help you in a custody dispute?

You are going through a divorce, and as expected, you and your spouse do not see eye-to-eye on a number of matters. One of the most complex and contentious is the matter of child custody. Both of you want custody of your children, or at the very least, you want an equal say in decision-making matters and the time that you have with your children. However, you may be hesitant to take your disagreement to court. Like many California parents getting a divorce, you want to avoid exposing your children to the conflict of a court battle, but you also want what is best for them.

Dividing property acquired during a marriage in divorce

Getting married is one of the most exciting times in any person's life. That excitement can come to a quick end if the marriage takes a turn in the wrong direction. When this happens, it's likely that the marriage will eventually end in divorce in Fullerton, California. Here's some information about dividing property acquired during a marriage in divorce.

Tips for choosing a guardian for your children

Choosing a guardian for your children in Fullerton, California, can be a difficult process. You likely have quite a few qualified people from which to choose, all of whom love your children as if they were their own. This can complicate matters even further. It's bad enough that you need to have this conversation with your spouse and eventually the person/people you choose. Here are some tips to make the selection process a little easier.

4 tips for discussing a prenuptial agreement with your partner

Talking about a prenuptial agreement and what will happen in the event of a divorce is rarely the type of planning people want to do when they are engaged. They'd typically rather focus on wedding preparations and thinking about a happy union.

Determining who gets the pet in a California divorce

Numerous elements of divorce can cause problems and lead to bitter fights. Divorcing spouses might argue over who keeps the house or where the children will live. There could be arguments over spousal support and retirement plans, as well. Fights are not limited to these major elements, either.

Funding for child care on the ballot in California counties

Two counties in California will decide on expanded funding for child care in upcoming elections. The measures have made it on the ballots in San Francisco and Alameda counties. The vote will be held on June 5 and if approved, subsidies would be provided to low-and-middle income families for child care. The total for each measure is more than $140 million apiece, which would be raised on an annual basis.


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