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New study shows increased likelihood for divorce

A new study from Swedish researchers has found an increased likelihood for divorce in women who did not work when they got married or earned less than their husband and then saw their career skyrocket. The study discovered that the couples adhering to traditional gender roles early in the marriage were more likely to wind up divorced compared to couples in an equal relationship when it comes to gender roles.

This increase in the likelihood of divorce is partly due to the husband not being able to accept that he now makes less than his wife or that the two bring home equal paychecks. Another cause of divorce in this situation is that the wife can no longer devote as much time to running the household and caring for the children and the husband refused to pick up the slack.

In order to make the marriage as strong as possible you should establish equality where you can. Obviously, it's difficult to talk about career aspirations prior to marriage because you never know what opportunities will be afforded to you and you don't yet know if children will be part of your marriage.

Spouses, both men and women, should speak up when they need more help around the house or with the children. This is an easy way to let the other person know that help is needed and it's better than letting resentment grow within the marriage.

Divorce is a difficult discussion to have with your spouse, even if you know the marriage is no longer working. Make sure you have all of your ducks in a row before deciding to file for divorce in California so you don't face any surprises.

Source: Olle Folke and Johanna Rickne, "All the Single Ladies: Job Promotions and the Durability of Marriage," April 24, 2018

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