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May 2018 Archives

Tips for asking someone to be your child's guardian

If you are putting together your estate plan, which includes your will, you are going to have to choose a guardian for any minor children. This can be a difficult process, especially if you are worried about hurting the feelings of a family member or friend if you do not choose them. You will want to choose someone you trust and someone whom your children love. Once you make the decision, here are some tips for asking that person to be the guardian of your children.

Do not forget about retirement accounts in divorce

When you are getting a divorce, your main concerns are probably giving up possessions and figuring out custody of your children. Retirement accounts are probably not one of the main things you are stressing out about. However, the nest egg may represent a significant portion of your marital money. 

Is it possible to marry and keep property separate?

Many people who are headed for a walk down the aisle wonder if they can get married and still keep their property separate. For starters, there are no rules or laws out there that force married people to combine their separate property into marital property. The decisions are made by the couples as a couple. Here's some more information about keeping property separate in a marriage.

Man issues guilty plea to massive bill of child support

A man who has been running for decades from paying child support has finally pleaded guilty to the bill, which totals more than $550,000. The suspect issued his guilty plea in United States District Court in Grand Rapids on May 7. The plea was in response to an indictment that said the man did not pay child support back in 1998. The suspect was apprehended in Canada living under an assumed name.

Common uses for spousal support payments

Spousal support is a common part of divorce in California. It is also known as alimony and is only paid by one person to the other person. It can be ordered by a court or it can be agreed upon by the divorcing couple and recorded in their arrangement. Once it is finalized, it will need to be followed or else the parties could find themselves in court. Here are some common uses for spousal support payments:


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