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Is it possible to marry and keep property separate?

Many people who are headed for a walk down the aisle wonder if they can get married and still keep their property separate. For starters, there are no rules or laws out there that force married people to combine their separate property into marital property. The decisions are made by the couples as a couple. Here's some more information about keeping property separate in a marriage.

When it comes to money, you can do whatever you please with it so long as you've discussed this with your spouse. Many professionals recommend that each spouse keep his or her individual bank accounts open, or at least one of them, while also opening a joint account with his or her spouse. This will help both parties should the marriage end in divorce.

If you enter the marriage with a car that you own, do not put your spouse's name on the title. Many couples will put both of their names on each other's car title once they get married. There's no reason for this, especially if you want to keep some of your property separate.

Another way to keep property separate in marriage is to avoid putting your spouse's name on the deed to any real estate property you own. You can make sure that your spouse takes ownership of property upon your death by writing it in your will, but you technically don't have to put him or her on the deed.

As you can see, it's perfectly fine and within your rights to keep your separate property separate from your spouse during a marriage. It all depends on your personal preferences and how you want the marriage to operate in Fullerton, California.

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