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Man issues guilty plea to massive bill of child support

A man who has been running for decades from paying child support has finally pleaded guilty to the bill, which totals more than $550,000. The suspect issued his guilty plea in United States District Court in Grand Rapids on May 7. The plea was in response to an indictment that said the man did not pay child support back in 1998. The suspect was apprehended in Canada living under an assumed name.

Because he entered a guilty plea, the suspect could face no more than two years in prison and one year of supervised release. In place of this sentence he could face a fee of $250,000. The man will also be required to pay complete restitution, which is required by the law. That means the man will need to pay $559,000 in back child support.

The man and his wife divorced back in 1989. He was originally ordered to pay $100 per month in child support for his four children with his former wife. At the time, he told a judge that he was unemployed and disabled, which led the judge to reduce his monthly payment to $14.

The United States Office of Inspector General said that the man sold a business for $2 million in 1996. This led to a change in his payments to account for the unreported income. He was added to a list called the "Most Wanted Deadbeat" list, which is created by the Office of Inspector General. The second person on the list owes just $250,000.

Child support is a hot topic in Fullerton, California. Many parents struggle to pay child support to the other parent, while some aren't able to make the payments due to issues with employment. Know your rights regarding child support in California.

Source: MLive, "'Most Wanted Deadbeat' pleads guilty to $559,000 child support bill," May 07, 2018

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