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Tips for asking someone to be your child's guardian

If you are putting together your estate plan, which includes your will, you are going to have to choose a guardian for any minor children. This can be a difficult process, especially if you are worried about hurting the feelings of a family member or friend if you do not choose them. You will want to choose someone you trust and someone whom your children love. Once you make the decision, here are some tips for asking that person to be the guardian of your children.

This should be a private conversation. Do not have it in a restaurant or in front of other family members or friends. If it is a single person, be sure to have him or her over for dinner one night. Do not have the conversation in front of your children either. This will only cause them to worry that you might be going somewhere.

It's best to have the conversation with the person you choose as guardian prior to actually naming him or her in your will. This helps to prevent unnecessary changes to your will should the person you choose say no to the request. Explain to your choice that he or she is loving, caring, and that the kids absolutely adore him or her. Let the person know that you trust your children with him or her and would love for this person to be their guardian should something happen to you. Let the individual know that there will be money left to help raise the kids so this new guardian doesn't have to worry about finances.

Ask the person you chose if he or she has any questions or reservations about the situation. You want your choice to be confident when he or she accepts so that the individual doesn't wind up backing out down the road.

Asking someone to be the guardian of your children might not be easy. It can be a very emotional and difficult conversation for everyone. Follow the tips presented today and you should have no problems popping the question in Fullerton.

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