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June 2018 Archives

What is a guardian ad litem in California?

The topic of guardianship is an important one, especially when putting together your estate plan. Finding someone to be the guardian of your children is crucial to planning your life because you just never know when the plan might need to go into effect. An important term you need to know is guardian ad litem. So what is a guardian ad litem in California?

Why couples should hold joint credit cards

Getting married should be one of the most exciting times in life. It can also be very stressful. Aside from all the planning for the big day, you and your future spouse need to come to an agreement on quite a few important topics. These include having children, where you will live, how you will share holidays with in-laws and even how credit cards will be used or held. One important tip is that you should hold joint credit cards.

The end of summer visitation can signal adjustment problems

It’s that time of year again for many divorced parents across California and elsewhere. Now that summer is here, you are preparing to send your children to their other parents’ home for an extended visitation. Whether you are looking forward to the break or dreading such a long time without your kids, chances are you might have an adjustment period once they return.

How you can make custody exchange safe and comfortable for all

Entering into a child custody agreement with the other parent of your children can be difficult. You might not want to relinquish care for your child or even share custody time with the other parent. But, the fact of the matter is that this is required by law should the other parent petition the court for custody. Here's how you can make the custody exchange safe and comfortable for all in Fullerton, California.

Explaining how alimony is affected by tax reform

The alimony deduction will be affected by tax reform. What does this mean for you as a recipient of alimony? What does it mean for you as the payor of alimony? There are some very important items you need to know regarding tax reform and how it affects your ability to deduct alimony on your tax return. We will take a look at the requirements in today's post so you know if you are eligible to list the payments as a deduction in California.

How can I control my finances following a divorce?

Getting a divorce is never easy. Even the couples that knew their marriage was over might have had trouble admitting that it was time to cut ties with each other. One of the most challenging parts of returning to the single life is managing your finances. You might have been in charge of the money when married or it might have been your spouse. Either way, there is a new budget to work with now in Fullerton, California.


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