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How you can make custody exchange safe and comfortable for all

Entering into a child custody agreement with the other parent of your children can be difficult. You might not want to relinquish care for your child or even share custody time with the other parent. But, the fact of the matter is that this is required by law should the other parent petition the court for custody. Here's how you can make the custody exchange safe and comfortable for all in Fullerton, California.

You need to come to an agreement on when the exchanges will occur. Pick a day and stick with it. Also pick a time and do not be late. This will help everyone get into a rhythm and make the children feel more comfortable each time they go from one parent to the other.

You also need to find a neutral location for the exchange. This is especially important when you and the other parent do not get along well. Choose the child's school, the library, the police station, a fire department or even the mall. Make sure there are a lot of people around who see what is happening.

Bring a third party with you or tell the other parent to do the same so that person can make the exchange. This prevents you from having to interact with the other parent, which could wind up preventing a very bad fight between the two of you in front of the child.

Child custody agreements must be followed by both parents. The agreement cannot be changed on the decision of just one parent either. You need to make the exchange safe for all so that everyone feels comfortable each time it occurs in California.

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