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July 2018 Archives

Reasons you should never hide assets when divorcing

The minute you know that your marriage has ended, you will likely start preparing for what's to come. This can be a lengthy process, especially if you have trouble coming to an agreement with your spouse, which was likely a main cause of the failed marriage. An important thing you need to know is you should never hide assets when divorcing.

Harassment by a co-parent isn't ever acceptable

The co-parenting relationship is one that is sometimes difficult to navigate. This type of parenting plan is based on mutual respect and a willingness to work as a team for the good of the children. When both parents aren't doing this, things can deteriorate quickly.

Should you add a forensic accountant to your legal team?

If you are headed for a high-asset California divorce, arriving at a fair and equitable division of your marital assets likely is one of your biggest concerns, second only to that of the post-divorce custody arrangements for your children. Your property settlement concerns increase if you believe your spouse is hiding assets from you.

Using alimony to learn a new career

Going through a divorce can be challenging, especially if you had no idea your marriage was in trouble. Some people simply don't want to be married and regret getting married in the first place. This doesn't change how you will receive spousal support. The court will determine how much you receive and for how long you receive the payments. Here's how you can use alimony to learn a new career.

Common issues disputed in a divorce

Divorce is a word that millions of people hear from their spouse every year in California and the rest of the country. It's always hard to learn that the marriage is coming to an end, even when you knew in your heart that it wasn't succeeding. Today, we will take a look at some of the common issues disputed in a divorce in Fullerton.


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