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Common issues disputed in a divorce

Divorce is a word that millions of people hear from their spouse every year in California and the rest of the country. It's always hard to learn that the marriage is coming to an end, even when you knew in your heart that it wasn't succeeding. Today, we will take a look at some of the common issues disputed in a divorce in Fullerton.

Quite possibly one of the biggest disputes in divorce is related to your children. Who will be the primary custodian of the children? Where will they live? How much visitation time will there be? Will the couple decide to co-parent? All of this needs to be sorted out as part of the parenting plan agreement.

Another dispute common to divorce involves the family home. Should it be sold? Can one spouse remain? If it is sold, do we split the proceeds or does one spouse receive the money as part of the settlement?

Divorce disputes also involve the payment of bills. Monthly bills, such as gas, sewer, water and electric, can be costly. Can you pay for these bills? Should your former spouse pay the bills for you? Figure out your budget as a single person before making a decision here.

How is a spouse's retirement or pension handled? Can you get most, if not all of it? Should you even try to get money from these accounts? Can you get something in lieu of the pension to make it fair?

Disputes arise quite often in a marriage, and it won't be any different when you decide to get a divorce in Fullerton, California. All of these important questions need to be answered before you can finalize the divorce. That's why you should know ahead of time what it is you want from the divorce.

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