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August 2018 Archives

Disclosing all assets is required to create prenuptial agreement

The creation of a prenuptial agreement is important for people of all income levels when getting married in California. This document will protect not only you but your assets and the assets of your future spouse. This process is only effective when you disclose all of your assets on the financial statement. Let's take a look at what assets you must disclose to ensure the agreement is valid.

California Supreme Court rules for children seeking asylum

The California Supreme Court has ruled in favor of children seeking asylum, according to a recent news report from August 2018. The court, which overturned rulings from a trial court and an appellate court, issued a ruling that said children who are seeking asylum only have to notify their foreign parent if they plan to reside in the United States.

Explaining how spousal support is calculated by the court

As you work through your divorce proceedings in Fullerton, you will eventually come to the discussion of spousal support, or alimony. This can wind up being a very difficult conversation, especially if your spouse doesn't want to pay the amount you need to live on your own until you can get back on your feet. Let's take a look at how spousal support is calculated by the court.

How can I provide for my disabled child's future?

Do you have a disabled child? Whether your child has a mental or physical disability, you will likely want to do everything possible to provide for their future. There's so much that goes into caring for a disabled child, including at-home renovations, the purchase of equipment, live-in care and more. So, how can you provide for your disabled child's future?

What are some warning signs that divorce could be next for me?

Relationships aren't easy. Even the couples that appear to be perfect have their problems behind closed doors. The differences between the couples that last until death and those that wind up getting a divorce are the ones that can be indicators of the marital breakup. So, what are these warning signs that divorce could be next for you?


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