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What are some warning signs that divorce could be next for me?

Relationships aren't easy. Even the couples that appear to be perfect have their problems behind closed doors. The differences between the couples that last until death and those that wind up getting a divorce are the ones that can be indicators of the marital breakup. So, what are these warning signs that divorce could be next for you?

When one of the spouses in the marriage continues to walk away, divorce is in the not-too-distant future. You need to take a long look at how the two of you interact in the marriage. If fights are left unsettled due to issues with conflict resolution, there is a problem. If the two of you never fight because you're scared of what might happen, there is a deeper problem.

A lack of intimacy, both physical and emotional, is a big indicator that the marriage is running on steam at this point. For couples to be close to one another, they need to be intimate on both of these levels. Even the absence of one of these intimate areas can lead to a divorce.

When one person spends more time outside the marriage than focusing on their spouse or the marriage as a whole could be a harbinger for divorce. For example, maybe your spouse has started working late, hanging out with friends more or putting all of their energy into the children and not caring for the marriage.

Divorce is not an easy thing to handle, even if you had some inkling in the back of your mind that it was inevitable. The more you prepare for divorce ahead of time, both emotionally and physically, the less shocking and painful it will be to move through the process.

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