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September 2018 Archives

Can husbands receive spousal support in California?

It is safe to say that most men in today's world still cringe at the thought of receiving spousal support when getting a divorce. Historically, men are breadwinners and should never accept help from their former wives. Fortunately, this antiquated point of view is slowly undergoing a transformation. More men residing in California are willing to consider asking for alimony.

Are guardianships and conservatorships the same thing?

Unless you are employed in the legal field or have been involved in a legal action, much of the terminology is confusing. This is especially so in the family law field, which introduces residents to many previously unheard of legal terms. Two of these terms – guardianships and conservatorships – can arise within the family law area of practice in the state of California.

3 key pointers for navigating a high-asset divorce

People get married all the time, not realizing that divorce can wreak havoc on their finances. The higher the income and value of assets involved, the more complex and time-consuming the separation process is. Though your focus is on ending your marriage, dividing assets and who gets custody of the kids, it is necessary to consider the lingering consequences a high-value divorce can have on the rest of your life.

Spousal support options in the state of California

As you know, receiving spousal support can make all the difference in your ability to support yourself and even thrive after getting divorced. Over the years, alimony in the U.S. has undergone several reformations to give both spouses more flexibility in how they pay and receive spousal support.

How can I determine if my spouse is hiding money from me?

Just because you got married to your partner doesn't mean that you will trust each other throughout the entire marriage. Many marriages go through rough patches where trust becomes a focal point. A lot of marriages that struggle to stay together run into problems surrounding hidden money or assets. So, how can you determine if your spouse is hiding money?


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