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Can husbands receive spousal support in California?

It is safe to say that most men in today's world still cringe at the thought of receiving spousal support when getting a divorce. Historically, men are breadwinners and should never accept help from their former wives. Fortunately, this antiquated point of view is slowly undergoing a transformation. More men residing in California are willing to consider asking for alimony.

The real purpose of alimony or spousal support is to ease the financial effects of divorce for the spouse who earns the lowest wage. Because it is not gender-specific, any spouse that qualifies can receive alimony, and that includes husbands as well as wives.

For example, say that a man who works part time in a grocery store is getting divorced from his wife who is a high-paid executive. Because the husband earns a much lower wage than his wife does, he may be eligible to seek spousal support. The alimony he receives will help him maintain his standard of living while allowing him to seek a better paying job or an education.

In another example, a man and woman get married and have children. The wife wants to continue her career, so the two spouses decide that she will work while the husband stays at home to care for the children. If they divorce, there is a good chance that the husband will qualify for spousal support because he sacrificed a job or a potentially lucrative career to be a stay-at-home dad.

In both of these examples, husbands may still hesitate to seek the spousal support they deserve. If this sounds like you, avoid making a hasty decision you might regret. Instead, consider speaking to a family law attorney about your lifestyle, your future and your own needs as a person.

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