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How can I determine if my spouse is hiding money from me?

Just because you got married to your partner doesn't mean that you will trust each other throughout the entire marriage. Many marriages go through rough patches where trust becomes a focal point. A lot of marriages that struggle to stay together run into problems surrounding hidden money or assets. So, how can you determine if your spouse is hiding money?

When you get the mail and find bank statements or credit card statements with account numbers that are unfamiliar to you, it's highly likely that your spouse is hiding money or other assets from you.

Have you ever heard of ACH payments? If you are seeing these payments on your bank account but headed to account numbers you don't recognize, your spouse has other accounts open that he or she has yet to disclose to you.

Did your spouse come home with an expensive painting, a new collection, a piece of art or a new sports car? Any type of purchase of this amount should be an immediate red flag, especially if it wasn't discussed as a couple beforehand.

Have you noticed that you have credit on your credit card statements? This is a sign that your spouse has been paying too much each month when the bill comes due. This is a way to hide money in plain sight.

Hiding money from your spouse is never a good idea and it can get even worse if the marriage ends in divorce. If you suspect that your spouse is hiding money or other assets, or even debt, you need to speak with an experienced property division attorney immediately.

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