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Spousal support options in the state of California

As you know, receiving spousal support can make all the difference in your ability to support yourself and even thrive after getting divorced. Over the years, alimony in the U.S. has undergone several reformations to give both spouses more flexibility in how they pay and receive spousal support.

In California and many other states, spousal support recipients have several options to choose from in how they receive their court-ordered or negotiated alimony. However, careful consideration is crucial when hammering out the terms of spousal support agreements.

In the vast majority of cases, it is wise to pursue a legal opinion from an experienced lawyer before signing an alimony agreement. Doing so ensures that you receive the amount of support you deserve and helps you choose the support option that best meets your needs. At this time, there are five options available to residents in the state.

Permanent alimony

The most traditional form of spousal support, permanent alimony, continues until the receiving spouse remarries or passes away.

Lump-sum alimony

Often, a lump-sum spousal support payment may take the place of a property settlement. Receiving all of your support at one time can enable you to take immediate long-term action to improve your finances. However, it is crucial to make sure you use the funds wisely.

Rehabilitative alimony

This option involves one spouse making payments to the other spouse just until he or she is able to become self-sufficient. It helps the receiving spouse address immediate needs.

Temporary alimony

For couples that have separated but not divorced, courts often order the higher-earning spouse to pay spousal support on a temporary basis.

Reimbursement alimony

This alimony option means that one spouse will reimburse the other spouse for certain expenses. Common examples include reimbursements for the expenses associated with higher education or work-related training programs.

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