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What constitutes interference with parenting time?

Child custody and support are two of the most challenging aspects of divorcing with children. In the best case scenario, parents work together to come up with an agreement that meets the needs of everyone -- particularly the children. Once they reach an agreement, parents often feel a significant amount of relief. However, in some cases, child custody and support problems continue to occur.

Child custody can be particularly challenging. What looks and sounds good on paper may be difficult to follow through on in reality. Scheduling conflicts arise for many divorced parents in California. Often, the two parents work through the situation until they find a solution. In some cases, this may involve working with a lawyer to change a child custody order.

Another unexpected issue that some noncustodial parents experience is deliberate interference with child custody orders. Parenting time interference can take many forms. Here are some examples:

  • Canceling scheduled visitations
  • Taking the child out of the state without permission
  • Blocking communication between the child and the other parent
  • Failing to bring the child to custody exchanges
  • Interfering with the other parent's right to attend school events

The actions listed above are not permitted and can actually harm the children of divorce. Unfortunately, many noncustodial parents do not want to rock an already unsteady boat, so they refrain from seeking a legal solution. This inaction can result in years of difficulty for the noncustodial parent and the children.

A better solution is to address parenting time interference as soon as a pattern emerges. Sometimes, it can be resolved simply by talking with the other parent. If these attempts fail, it is critical for the well-being of your kids to seek a remedy through the court system. An experienced California family law attorney can advise you about parenting time interference and other child custody and support problems.

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