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November 2018 Archives

How divorced parents can help avoid the holiday blues

If this is your first holiday season as a separated or divorced parent, you're likely facing the prospect of not being with your kids on the holidays themselves or not seeing them every day throughout their winter break. Maybe they're even going away for a few days or longer with your co-parent. You can minimize your holiday blues and help your kids enjoy the season with some planning.

The new spousal support tax rules are almost here

It may seem hard to believe that it's been almost a year since the new tax law was signed by President Trump. The new law does away with tax deductions for spousal support after the end of this year. However, you still have a short time to get your agreement on record and keep the old rules in place.

Modifying a California child custody order or parenting plan

For California parents, a divorce judgment will include a child custody order and a parenting plan setting forth visitation schedules and all other necessary arrangements. A court generally approves or sets a custody order based on what it deems to be in the child's best interests.

Prenuptial agreements can protect future businesses

People who have an ownership stake in an established business when they get married typically are advised to get a prenuptial agreement to protect their share of the business should they divorce. However, even if your business idea is still a dream, you should protect it with a prenup.

How an alcohol monitoring system can help you gain custody rights

It's common for alcohol abuse to lead to marital issues and to ultimately end a marriage. If a couple with children is divorcing, a spouse's alcohol consumption can cause issues for them in gaining custody or visitation rights to their children.


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