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Prenuptial agreements are essential for those remarrying

If 2019 is going to bring remarriage for you, you're likely confident that you're going into this union wiser than you were when you tied the knot the first time. That's probably true. One way to get off to a smart start on your marriage -- at least financially -- is to get a prenuptial agreement.

A prenup will help you protect the assets you're bringing into the marriage. Drawing up a prenup also gives you and your partner an opportunity to lay all of your financial cards on the table and discuss your individual and shared goals for the future. When drafting a prenup, both parties should disclose their assets and debts so that there are no surprises later. Even if you had financial issues that are now in the past -- like a bankruptcy -- it's important to disclose them.

Detailing the assets you're bringing into the marriage is just one step in making sure that you can walk away with what's yours if the marriage ends. It's essential to keep those assets separated from marital assets. Once premarital and marital assets become commingled, it's more complicated to divide them. Many couples maintain at least some separate accounts and then have a joint account that they use to pay for household expenses, vacations, mortgages and other expenses that benefit both of them or the whole family.

Both spouses-to-be should feel that the prenup protects them. No one should feel that they were pressured to sign it or that they didn't have an equal say in the terms. A prenup should never be left to the last minute so that anyone feels rushed. Finally, each person should have their own attorney involved in the process to look after their interests.

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