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Developing a parenting plan when 1 parent moves away

It's common for one spouse to move some distance away after a divorce. They may be seeking someplace with a lower cost of living than pricey Southern California. They may want to live near parents, siblings or other family members. Perhaps they opt to take a job that pays better or offers more opportunity for advancement.

When there are children involved, if the move is out of California, you'll typically need to get your co-parent's approval or the court's. If the decision to move is approved, co-parents should develop an interstate parenting plan to help ensure that the children are able to maintain a relationship with both parents. That's the case whether they're moving with one parent or remaining here with the parent with primary custody while their other parent moves away.

Interstate parenting plans should be designed with the primary goal of doing what's best for the kids. Sometimes, parents will consult with child psychologists and other professionals, in addition to their attorneys, as they develop their plan.

Interstate parenting plans should include a consistent custody schedule. Kids need to know when they'll be seeing or having virtual visitation or other communication with the parent they aren't living with.

Parents should also include travel logistics and expenses. Will one parent be traveling to where their kids are? Will the parent with the kids bring them to their co-parent? Will the kids be traveling unaccompanied by air or train? They should also determine who will pay for this travel.

Even if both parents will continue to live in California, but one is moving up north, that's still a considerable distance that will require something similar to an interstate parenting plan. However, you won't have to worry about dealing with the laws of two different states.

Whether you're still in the process of divorce, or you've been divorced for some time and a move is necessitating a change to your custody agreement and parenting plan, it's essential to work closely with your attorney. They can help you as you seek an arrangement that is in your children's best interests.

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