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Why January is known as 'Divorce Month'

If you're seriously considering or in the preparation stages of filing for divorce in these early weeks of the new year, you're not alone. January has long been known as "Divorce Month."

Divorce attorneys and other legal experts say that the end-of-the-year holidays play a big part in this phenomenon. Couples don't want a divorce to mar the holiday season -- particularly if they have children.

Even if they don't have kids, they're likely going to be getting together with family and friends. They want to present a united front. No one wants to spend their holiday gatherings explaining why their spouse isn't there or facing questions and potential judgment. Maybe they want one last holiday season with both sides of the family before they go their separate ways.

Even couples who don't go into the holiday season knowing that they'll be divorcing may come out of it resolved to end the marriage. As one attorney explains, "The holidays are…a time when emotions run high, and if you are unhappy or angry in your marriage, the holidays may push those feelings to the breaking point." When unhappy couples are suddenly faced with time off from work and extra togetherness, things can go downhill fast.

On the other hand, the magic of the season may improve an unhappy marriage -- at least temporarily. However, once it's over and the decorations are stored away for another year, you're confronted with the real-life problems you've swept under the rug while you watched A Christmas Story for the hundredth time.

Whatever the reasons that January finds you considering divorce or ready to begin the process, it's essential to seek the help of an experienced attorney who can help you work to seek the property division, custody and/or support agreements you need as you move forward into the next phase of your life.

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