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Choose the right spousal support for your future

Choosing to receive spousal support may seem like an easy decision, but the truth is that it might not be as simple as it seems. There are multiple types of spousal support to consider including modifiable versus nonmodifiable.

As someone who will receive support, you should do your best to receive nonmodifiable spousal support. Why? This type of support can't be modified unless it's under terminating factors, like if you remarry or reach the end of the spousal support's term. This also means that you can't ask for more if the other party receives a sudden windfall or if you are struggling due to unexpected circumstances.

With modifiable spousal support, you are able to make changes to support when there are substantial changes in your circumstances. For instance, if the person who is paying has a sudden increase in their income, the other party may ask for a higher maintenance amount. If the party who is paying suddenly loses their job, they can also ask to be relieved of their support obligations or to have them reduced significantly.

Nonmodifiable support is stable, which is a huge benefit to those who rely on it from month to month. Modifiable is important if you believe that you might have to alter the support order in the future. What you choose will depend on your circumstances and if you need one version of support over the other. Our site has more on spousal support and what you should take into consideration if you would like to have it paid to you following your divorce.

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