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Lump sums of alimony can resolve spousal support requirements

Spousal support sometimes becomes a hot-button issue during a divorce, because one spouse doesn't want to feel that they're still connected to the other. If you receive spousal support, you're essentially relying on your ex-spouse to pay it. If you are expected to pay support, you're supporting a person you no longer want to have a relationship with.

These are obvious conflicts with spousal support. The good news is that an easy way to deal with this is through a settlement. Instead of paying support every paycheck or each month and having to see it come from or go to your ex-spouse, you can take care of the requirement at once and fully cut ties.

What should you expect if you settle your spousal support payments in a lump sum?

If you settle in a lump sum, be prepared to pay a fair amount. Usually, the lump sum does not equate to a lower sum. This isn't a negotiation where you're usually allowed to lowball the other party with a cash offer. Instead, the court may agree to allow you to pay all the support you would owe, in total, up front. Then, no future payments have to be made.

Are there benefits to taking a lump-sum settlement?

Yes. One major benefit is that you have the money upfront, so you don't have to worry about the funds not coming in the future. You also don't have to monitor accounts for payments or worry about relying on payments that may or may not come.

A lump-sum settlement could be a good choice for your situation. Your attorney can talk to you more about your options.

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