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Violating a parenting plan: You can prepare for the worst

When you work long hours and depend on your parenting plan to be adhered to, nothing is more frustrating than having an ex-spouse who constantly wants to make changes. You may have it set up where you watch your child on weekends due to your excessive workload, or you may have arrangements for the other parent to pick them up from school when you're on the job.

Regardless of the arrangements, if the other parent is not following the parenting plan that the court ordered, you may want to consider seeking a modification. If the other parent's actions threaten your work or job, it's worth looking into your legal options so that you can change the schedule to something that does work for both of you.

What happens if a parent violates a parenting plan?

A parent who violates a parenting plan may be held in contempt of court in some instances, especially if the interference with the plan is intentional. Your parenting plan isn't negotiable after the court approves it; to change it, you or the other parent have to seek a modification.

How can you prepare for violations of a parenting plan?

You should prepare by having backup plans in place. For example, if you believe the other parent may fail to pick up your child, you should have arrangements for a babysitter, nanny or another party to pick them up. Your child should know the emergency phone numbers of relatives and for your office.

Keep detailed documentation on violations of the parenting order, so you can approach the court to seek changes and protection in the future.

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