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Here's why you should try integrative mediation

Integrative mediation is a new form of divorce mediation that might work well for you if you're going through a divorce. Shortened to IM, Integrative Mediation involves two or three professionals, like your attorneys and financial experts, to help guild you through divorce.

There are some benefits to the IM model, with the primary benefit being that the professionals working on your case will actually talk to one another and be coordinated. When these professionals aren't coordinated, there's also a risk that there will be two or more people working on the same task at the same time. That adds more time and expense to your case.

The IM model is a commonsense system. It doesn't focus on presenting a winner at the end of the divorce. Instead, the goal is to find many win-win resolutions, so both of you can walk away from your divorce with fewer concerns.

Having all professionals associated with the case working together also allows you and your spouse to decide who you'd like to work on the case. You might choose an attorney and financial expert, while your spouse chooses an attorney of their own and a therapist-mediator. The people you choose to work with can vary based on the needs of your divorce, since this is a tailor-fit process.

If you are interested in the IM model, your attorney can talk to you more about what to expect in mediation. Mediation can help you reduce complications and emerge with solutions to divorce conflicts faster, encouraging a better outcome for both parties involved in the divorce.

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