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Maintaining your standard of living after divorce with support

Basically speaking, the standard of living refers to the level of comfort, wealth, goods and necessities that are available to you. When you're looking at your standard of living, you can usually define it as poor, wealthy or somewhere in the middle.

It's long been understood that the standard of living a person has is directly related to the quality of life they have. That's why it's important in cases of spousal support and divorce.

The goal in any divorce is to try to help both spouses maintain a similar standard of living as what they're used to, or to equalize the standard of living they'll deal with following the divorce in a fair way.

Will you be able to maintain the same standard of living after divorce?

Probably not, because there will no longer be two incomes coming into a home. Instead, you will have your income, and your spouse will have theirs. Spousal support can help bring your income up if it's low in comparison to your spouse's. For example, if you'll be living on $10,000 a year but your spouse earns $100,000, it would be acceptable to ask them to pay spousal support for some time to help you maintain a similar standard of living (or as similar as possible) until you can get back on your feet financially.

Our website has more information on your standard of living and what to expect if you want to seek spousal support. With the right support, you can take steps to move forward in your life without the financial struggles you might otherwise face.

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