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How can you avoid paying long-term spousal support?

Not everyone wants to pay spousal support, and it's fair to understand why. Paying spousal support may seem to be like a continuous connection to someone you're trying to separate your life from.

While that may be the case, people who need spousal support still deserve to ask for it. Those who earn significantly more than their spouses may be asked to pay it, too. Fortunately, there are ways to get out of paying monthly, so you don't have to feel tht continued connection with your ex-spouse. Here are two that you may want to consider.

1. Try a lump-sum payout

Lump-sum payouts of alimony or spousal support are a great way to roll all of the spousal support obligation into a single payment. This can be a good choice for those who owe support but who don't want to continue paying in the future, especially if they have the full amount of support in cash or liquid assets.

2. Trade assets for alimony

Instead of paying cash, you may want to look into giving your spouse a greater portion of your assets. Doing this will guarantee that they have enough assets to balance out a lack of alimony and the potential to sell assets for cash if they need it. If your spouse agrees, you may be able to give them a larger share of assets in exchange for them not seeking spousal support.

Your Fullerton attorney can help you negotiate with your spouse, so you both end up in an agreeable situation after your divorce is finalized by the court.

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