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What are some kinds of visitation orders?

California provides for several kinds of visitation orders. These, also called "time-shares," are plans for how parents will spend their time and share time with their children. There are four general visitation orders recognized by law.

Each visitation order has a different way that it's carried out. The four include: visitation according to a schedule, supervised visitation, no visitation and reasonable visitation.

Visitation according to a schedule

Visitation according to a schedule means that you and the other parent have a visitation plan and will follow that schedule after your divorce.

Supervised visitation

Supervised visitation is used when a child's safety or well-being may be at risk with one parent. In that case, either you or a third party must be there to supervise the visit.

Reasonable visitation

In this kind of visitation order, there may not be a specific timeline for visitation or details on when each parent sees the child. Instead, the order is open-ended, which allows parents to work out who will be home and when. This, of course, works best when both parents get along well and are able to communicate with each other freely.

No visitation

In some cases, no visitation is awarded to one parent due to the risk it would pose to the child. No visitation is given when visiting a parent would be emotionally or physically harmful to a child.

Each of these types of visitation could be possible in your case. It's best to learn more about them before you decide which you'll plan to seek out if you have to go to court.

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