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June 2019 Archives

Negotiation is possible, even in a community property state

One of the hardest things for some couples to do is to separate their assets during their divorce. In California, property is split 50-50 thanks to community property laws. However, you or your spouse may not agree with this division of property.

Do if you think your child was kidnapped by the other parent?

Child custody is something that most parents will fight for. They want to have time with their children and to see them grow up. When the other parent is taking steps to make that impossible, parents have few other options than to reach out to their attorneys and the court for help.

Child custody modification considerations

When the courts make child custody decisions in California, they do so with the best interests of the kids in mind. This, unfortunately, does not always sit well with some parents as they may feel their own interests are overlooked. Parents do have a say in how the courts structure child custody agreements. However, if their concerns and recommendations infringe on their ability and responsibility to uphold their parenting obligations, the legal system can and will intervene and make whatever child custody arrangements are necessary. Parents must abide by them or risk contempt of court and other legal consequences. 


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