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Do if you think your child was kidnapped by the other parent?

Child custody is something that most parents will fight for. They want to have time with their children and to see them grow up. When the other parent is taking steps to make that impossible, parents have few other options than to reach out to their attorneys and the court for help.

One serious problem that some parents have to deal with is kidnapping. Parental kidnapping, in specific, is when one parent withholds custody and takes the child or children away to an undisclosed location. One parent without custody may take a child and flee, for example, or someone with custody may go on a planned vacation with their children and fail to return.

Although parents have a right to custody in accordance with their custody plan, that doesn't mean they can do anything they want. If their plan says they have to return their child at 5 p.m. on Friday, then their child should be with the other parent at that time, with no questions asked. Taking a child away from the other parent or

during the other parent's scheduled visitation time is against the law.

What should you do if you're worried that the other parent may flee with your children?

You should reach out to your attorney right away if you have concerns. There are steps you can take to make sure your children can't be taken out of the state or country. If they are taken against the orders of the custody agreement, then the authorities need to be contacted immediately, so they can find the children and bring them home.

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