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Know what to ask when you're looking into spousal support

When you go through a separation or divorce in California, you need to consider the possibility of spousal support. It can also be called partner support and alimony depending on the judge and your situation.

There are several things you need to consider before you'll know if you should receive or pay alimony. First, you'll need to understand how long it lasts. Most spousal support is temporary, lasting just a short time. Rarely, it is permanent, where you'll receive compensation or pay alimony until one of several conditions are met, like the recipient getting remarried or one of you passing away.

What should you talk to your attorney about if you want spousal support?

If you want to receive spousal support, then you should do your best to discuss your current budget and why you require support. Talk about the situation that has led to you needing support and what kind of support you'd like to see. How long do you think you'll need spousal support? How much would you like, and is it in line with the state's guidelines?

Your attorney will give you more information on the documentation you need to provide and how long alimony or spousal support is likely to last in your case. Every case is different, so you may want to talk to your spouse about alimony and what they think is fair. If you can settle outside court, that is also allowed and may be better for both of you moving forward. Our site has more on what you should know about divorcing in California.

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