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Negotiation is possible, even in a community property state

One of the hardest things for some couples to do is to separate their assets during their divorce. In California, property is split 50-50 thanks to community property laws. However, you or your spouse may not agree with this division of property.

Perhaps you are the one who has always supported your family and paid for your spouse's lifestyle. You might think it is completely unfair to give up half of everything you've purchased over the life of your marriage as a result. If your spouse agrees with you that a 50-50 split is not fair, then you can come up with a different arrangement. For example, if your spouse really wants to keep the marital home, but you prefer to sell it, you may be able to negotiate a greater portion of assets in exchange for the home staying in their name.

Sometimes, people are willing to give up a share of their assets due to guilt, which is something else you should consider. As an example, if your spouse committed adultery, they may not want that offense to end up in court. Even though it wouldn't affect your divorce much, it would be public knowledge by the end of your case if you went to trial. A spouse who does not want their personal business to end up in a divorce court could be more likely to settle with you based on reasonable demands.

Overall, everyone's case is different, so you need to talk about what you want and the options for obtaining a larger portion of your assets with your attorney.

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