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Understanding conservatorships in California

A conservatorship is used for adults who cannot take care of themselves. Children are generally cared for with guardianships, while adults (often elderly ones) are cared for under conservatorships when necessary.

A conservatorship provides a conservator who will protect the conservatee and their property. General conservatorships are for those who have been impaired as a result of collisions or who are elderly. A limited conservatorship can be set up to help take care of someone with a disability who can do some things on their own but needs support for other activities. For example, the person might be able to live alone but need help with finances.

What happens when a conservator is needed right away?

In the case that a conservator is needed immediately due to an accident or change in circumstances, the court can appoint someone temporarily to take care of the conservatee and to protect their finances and assets. They'll stay in this role until a permanent conservator is appointed later on.

Can you set up other options to avoid a conservatorship?

Some other options exist, such as having an advance health care directive or appointing a power of attorney for health care or finances for yourself or a child.

A conservator's job is to take care of the conservatee and to protect them as they've been assigned to do. If you're asked to become a conservator or you want to have one appointed for a loved one, then it's a good idea to talk to an attorney about the legal process for doing so in California.

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