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Don't let your property dispute get out of hand: Get help

During a divorce, you and your spouse may not be able to decide on how to divide your property. While the fact is that California expects you to divide the value of your assets by 50%, the actual division of your property can be complex. You might hope to keep certain assets that your spouse wants to sell, or you may have assets that you don't want to allow your spouse to have that you both want.

Trouble like this is what can lead to property division disputes and make a divorce more difficult. You and your spouse have a few options to handle this type of dispute. You can talk through the dispute, go to mediation, try arbitration or allow a judge to decide at trial.

If you are the person who is holding back an asset and delaying your divorce, it's a smart idea to ask yourself if it's worth the trouble you're putting yourself through. Yes, it would be worth arguing to maintain a share of your business or a property you love, but is it worth fighting over furniture or accessories in your home? Sometimes, the arguments are more sentimental than practical, and that's something you need to be cautious of. If you spend too much time arguing and less time negotiating, you're costing yourself more time and money, and you're stressing yourself out.

Thanks to California's laws, you'll be entitled to half of your marital estate. That means that you will get an equal share regardless of which assets you obtain. Keep that in mind if you're having trouble moving forward because it could help you think about your property division issues in a new light.

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