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Understand your child's best interests

When a judge talks to you about a child's best interests, what they're referring to is the best actions for the health and happiness of your child. If you are speaking to a mediator, your attorney or others, they will ask what you believe will be in your child's best interests when deciding custody.

When thinking about your child's best interests, you have to put yourself in your child's shoes. Don't just think about the schedule that would work best for you and your ex-spouse; You need to make a plan for your child's care that works well for them.

How can you plan for a visitation plan that is in your child's best interests?

Here's an example. If you work three days a week and your ex-spouse works on the opposite four days, it might be in your children's best interests for you to have custody four days a week and for your ex-spouse to have custody for three. During those opposite days, neither of you work, so your children always have a parent to turn to. However, if you both live a distance apart, it might not be reasonable to ask your child to travel back and forth, especially during the school week. In that case, you'll have to reconsider your custody arrangements and figure out what would work best for their schooling and health.

Your attorney will talk to you more about planning for your child's care after divorce. Do your best to do what helps them the most, and the court is likely to side with you.

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