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What should I know about spousal support?

Spousal support might not be something that you've considered asking for in your divorce. However, if you are the lesser-earning spouse, you have put a hold on your career or you just need some financial help as you become a single person again, then spousal support might be right for you.

Spousal support can help people who need to boost their incomes temporarily after divorce. Spousal support is not usually long-term. However, there are cases in which spousal support might be ordered permanently, like when there can be no expectation for the spouse to return to work or when the marriage lasted many decades.

What should you do if you are receiving support but no longer need it?

You can decide to end your spousal support payments prior to the agreed-upon end date. However, keep in mind that the spousal support order is what was deemed fair by the court. Some spouses accept support, paid on a monthly basis, only until it's needed and then seek to end it, but most accept the entire amount through a one-time, lump-sum payment.

What should you do if you receive spousal support but want to get remarried?

Think carefully, because if you get remarried or cohabitate with a significant other, your ex-spouse could seek to terminate their spousal support. Normally, it's best not to live with a new romantic interest or to get married unless you're ready to lose spousal support.

Our site has more information on spousal support and what you can expect if you are seeking it or have been granted it.

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