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Guidelines are used for child support, but many factors matter

Child support is sometimes a contentious issue because it can cost one parent a lot of money every month. They may feel it's unfair to both raise their child and pay the other parent for their care. It's understandable, but child support does have an important role to play for children of divorce.

Child support is a periodic payment that is meant to cover a child's living and medical expenses. It can be used for almost any purpose so long as a child is raised in a healthy, clean environment and has the necessities that they need to be comfortable.

Does California have guidelines for child support?

Yes, California has a statewide guidelines for determining support that is based on after-tax income of the parents involved in the case. It also considers how much time each parent has physical custody of their child. The formula comes up with an amount of money, and the court will review it along with other factors to determine if it is fair and right.

Parents are able to come up with their own child support agreement, but if they cannot, then a judge will decide on the amount by using the guidelines' calculation.

Will my new spouse's income be considered for child support purposes?

Not exactly. The income won't be considered, but remarriage could affect an order based on a different tax-filing status, new children in the home or other factors.

Child support decisions can be complex, so it's a good idea to work with your attorney to determine a fair amount of support for your case.

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