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Is spousal support still necessary in 2019?

When your spouse suddenly came to you asking for a divorce, you were shocked to say the least. It was not something you expected, because you'd both been on good terms.

Whatever the reason is for the divorce, you believe that you're entitled to some compensation each month to help support yourself. You didn't ask for this, and your finances are not as secure as your spouse's.

Did you know that some people want to end spousal support?

There are many people who believe that spousal support is not necessary in today's society. In the past, spousal support was in place due to the reality that many women did not work. They were encouraged to stay home with their children and to take care of their spouses.

Today, that's not always the case, but that doesn't mean that someone may not need spousal support for a while to help them after a divorce. Whether they're a male or female, one spouse may be in a position where they need extra financial support.

Is permanent spousal support still a possibility?

In most cases, no. Unless a couple has been married for many decades and is perhaps too old to work or too injured to find work, the chances are that spousal support won't be permanent. If there is a chance that an ex-spouse could find work and support themselves, then the courts are more likely to place a limit on the length of time that the payer has to cover the support payments.

If you want spousal support, speak with your attorney. They can tell you more about how your specific case will be handled and if spousal support is a possibility.

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