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Turn to your attorney for advice during your divorce

No divorce is the same as another, which is why speaking with others about what to expect may not give you the information you need. As you approach the idea of going through a divorce, the only authority you should speak with about what your divorce will entail is your attorney.

Attorneys are important for a number of reasons, but the primary reason is because they are knowledgeable about divorce and the law. A good attorney can talk to you about what to expect and what can help resolve disputes or issues you're dealing with.

Why shouldn't you listen to others' experiences related to divorce?

The problem with trying to know what to expect based on others' experiences is that their divorces were not the same as yours. Your divorce has its own elements that have to be considered. For example, you and your spouse might go with the 50-50 settlement arrangement that California law allows for, while another person might have had a prenuptial agreement that held them to a different agreement upon divorce.

It's best to ask your attorney questions about divorce directly because they will be aware of what the law says should happen in different situations. They've also worked with many divorcing couples, so they'll have a better idea of what kind of outcome you should expect based on their experience.

Our website has more on divorce and what you should know if you want to file for one. With the right help, you can get prepared for your divorce and know what to expect once you begin the process.

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